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How To Get Rubies in Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero presents an immersive underwater adventure where resources play a crucial role in survival. Among these resources, Rubies are essential for crafting advanced equipment and upgrades. This guide offers comprehensive insights into locating and collecting these valuable gems.

Overview of Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero is an open-world, survival adventure game set on Planet 4546B, an alien world covered almost entirely by a vast ocean and filled with unique sea life and underwater structures. It’s an icy, sub-zero environment that presents a series of new challenges to players. Following the story of a scientist named Robin Ayou, the game tasks players with exploring the treacherous waters to uncover the mysteries that lie within its depths, while also trying to survive the harsh, frozen landscape and its dangerous creatures.

This standalone expansion to the original Subnautica game features new biomes to explore, new creatures to encounter, and new technology to craft. Players can explore beautifully crafted environments, both above and below the ocean surface, interact with the fascinating wildlife (both friendly and hostile), and build habitats and vehicles to assist in their survival and exploration.

Role of Rubies

In Subnautica Below Zero, Rubies act as one of the advanced materials required for crafting high-end equipment and modifications. They’re hard to come by but critical for enhancing your exploration and survival capabilities in the game’s punishing conditions.

Rubies serve several purposes in the game, mainly for crafting advanced technological items. They are required for constructing the Modification Station, one of the essential crafting stations that allow players to create advanced tools and upgrades for their equipment. Additionally, they’re a crucial component in crafting depth modules for your vehicles, allowing you to explore deeper and more dangerous areas of the ocean.

In terms of personal equipment, Rubies are used to craft the Reinforced Dive Suit, which provides additional physical protection and significant resistance to heat. This suit is extremely beneficial when exploring areas with high temperatures or when faced with aggressive creatures.

In essence, while Rubies may not be the first resource you encounter in Subnautica Below Zero, they become a pivotal element of gameplay as you progress further into the depths of the alien ocean. Their effective collection and utilization can mark the difference between survival and defeat.

Understanding Rubies in Subnautica Below Zero

In the challenging environment of Subnautica Below Zero, Rubies become a critical element for survival as the game progresses.

Purpose of Rubies

Rubies play an essential role in crafting advanced equipment and upgrades. They’re crucial components for creating high-capacity O2 Tanks, Prawn Suit upgrades, and certain high-level modules for the Seatruck.

How to Acquire Rubies

Rubies can be found in certain underwater biomes, often deep below the surface. Collecting them can be challenging due to the harsh environmental conditions and potential threats in these areas.

Finding Rubies

Navigating the icy waters and treacherous depths of Subnautica Below Zero to find Rubies involves strategy, caution, and a bit of luck.

Biomes for Ruby Collection

Rubies are typically found in deeper biomes such as the Deep Purple Vents, the Fabricator Caverns, and the Crystal Caves. They spawn in deposits on the walls and floors of these regions, glowing red and easy to spot despite the surrounding darkness.

Techniques for Ruby Collection

Due to the depth and danger of the biomes where Rubies are located, it’s recommended to use a vehicle like the Seatruck or Prawn Suit for exploration. It’s also beneficial to equip your vehicle with depth and storage upgrades to maximize your ruby collection in a single trip.

Using Rubies Wisely

Collecting Rubies is just one part of the equation. Knowing how to use them effectively is crucial for survival and progression in the game.

Crafting Advanced Equipment

Rubies are an essential component in crafting advanced diving gear like the high-capacity O2 Tank, which allows for extended underwater exploration. They are also needed for the production of the Reinforced Dive Suit, providing increased physical protection and thermal resistance.

Creating Upgrades

Furthermore, Rubies are used to create upgrades for the Seatruck and Prawn Suit. These upgrades enhance the functionality and durability of your vehicles, enabling deeper exploration and a higher chance of survival in hostile environments.

Tips and Tricks

Safety Precautions

Always ensure your oxygen supply is sufficient before delving into deeper biomes to collect Rubies. Equipping defensive upgrades on your vehicles can also help protect against hostile creatures in these areas.

Inventory Management

Before setting off on your Ruby hunt, ensure that you have ample inventory space. Using a vehicle with storage upgrades can also help you gather a larger amount of Rubies in a single journey.


Rubies are essential for survival in the unforgiving, icy depths of Subnautica Below Zero. Knowing where to find them and how to use them effectively can greatly enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of surviving in this alien ocean world.


Q1: Are Rubies renewable in Subnautica Below Zero?

Answer: As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Rubies are not renewable resources. Once mined, they do not respawn.

Q2: What depth do I need to reach to find Rubies?

Answer: Rubies typically spawn in deeper biomes. You may start finding them around 200 meters below the surface, with larger deposits found at greater depths.

Q3: Can I find Rubies in shallow water biomes?

Answer: Rubies are typically found in deeper regions. They’re unlikely to be found in shallow water biomes.

Q4: Are there any creatures that drop Rubies when killed?

Answer: No, Rubies are not dropped by creatures. They’re found in deposits on the ocean floor or walls in certain biomes.

Q5: Is there an upgrade or tool that helps locate Rubies?

Answer: The Scanner Room, once upgraded, can be helpful in locating Rubies within its scan radius. Be sure to install a range upgrade to maximize its effectiveness