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Get Free Rubies in Family Island

Welcome to the world of Family Island, a game where you step back into the stone age and help a shipwrecked family survive, thrive, and ultimately build a bustling civilization. Amidst the game’s myriad elements, Rubies emerge as an integral part of your gameplay, enhancing your experience and accelerating your progress. These sparkling gems are not just a currency; they’re the key to unlocking the game’s full potential.

Importance of Rubies in Family Island

In Family Island, Rubies are your lifeline. They are the premium currency that can unlock countless opportunities, making your gameplay smoother and more efficient. Whether it’s to speed up tasks, buy unique items, or simply power through levels with added agility, Rubies have got you covered. As you navigate through the fascinating world of Family Island, you’ll soon realize the substantial role these gems play in shaping your journey.

Understanding Rubies in Family Island

If you’re new to Family Island, or if you’re looking to enhance your gameplay, it’s essential to understand Rubies—their role, their utility, and their impact.

Role of Rubies

Rubies aren’t merely decorative; they are a powerful asset in your Family Island adventure. They serve as a special currency, enabling you to expedite tasks, purchase exclusive items, or replenish your energy reserves. With Rubies at your disposal, you can defy time constraints, ensuring your crops grow faster and buildings get erected quicker. Essentially, Rubies give you the power to control time, shaping your game to your pace and preference.

How to use Rubies

Rubies in Family Island can be used in a multitude of ways. They can expedite the growth of your crops, instantly finish buildings, or purchase unique items in the game store. These gems can also be used to buy energy when your reserves are low, ensuring your game never hits a pause. With careful and strategic use of Rubies, you can revolutionize your Family Island experience.

Free Methods to Acquire Rubies

Though Rubies are purchasable with real money, Family Island offers several strategies to earn them for free. Let’s explore these methods:

Daily Rewards

Family Island encourages consistent gameplay by offering daily rewards. By simply logging into the game every day, you can unlock a myriad of rewards, including Rubies. This routine check-in not only ensures you never miss out on any in-game events but also ensures a steady inflow of Rubies.

In-Game Tasks and Challenges

Family Island regularly rolls out an assortment of tasks and challenges that test your skills and strategy. These tasks, ranging from simple ones like harvesting a specific crop to complex ones requiring careful planning, reward you with Rubies upon successful completion. These challenges add a layer of thrill and excitement to your gameplay while filling your coffers with Rubies.

Levelling Up

Every time you level up in Family Island, you’re greeted with a Ruby reward. The more you play, the higher your level, and the richer your Ruby reserve. It’s a straightforward equation—play more, level up, and gather Rubies!

Connecting with Social Media

Family Island allows you to link your game to your Facebook account, which comes with a twofold advantage. Firstly, it provides a hefty one-time Ruby bonus. Secondly, it facilitates seamless gameplay across different devices, ensuring you never lose your game progress.

Efficient Ruby Usage

While accumulating Rubies is critical, the efficient and strategic use of these gems is what truly enhances your gameplay.

Planning Ahead

Rubies are precious, and they should be spent wisely. Try to anticipate future needs and save Rubies for those crucial times. This planning not only ensures you always have a Ruby reserve when you need it, but it also allows you to maximize the utility of each Ruby spent.

Prioritizing Upgrades

Family Island offers various upgrade options—from farms to factories, each demanding a Ruby investment. Prioritize your upgrades based on your strategy and game plan. Focus on upgrades that boost your productivity or drastically improve your gameplay, and spend your Rubies on those.


While you’re on your exciting quest to earn Rubies, it’s crucial to tread carefully. The internet is fraught with traps, and it’s easy to fall prey to scams and cheats.

Avoid Online Scams

Numerous fraudulent websites and apps promise free, unlimited Rubies. Always remember that Rubies can only be earned within the game. Any external source claiming to provide free Rubies is likely a scam. Be vigilant and stay safe.

Refrain from Cheating

While cheats may seem like an easy shortcut to a Ruby fortune, they come with high risks. Cheating violates the game’s terms of service and can result in your account being banned. It’s always better to play fair and enjoy the game as it’s meant to be.


Rubies are indeed the sparkling treasure of Family Island. They power your progress, shape your gameplay, and make your journey through the game a truly delightful experience. So dive in, employ these strategies, and watch your Ruby treasure grow.

Remember, it’s not just about the Rubies; it’s about the joy of playing, exploring, and thriving in the fascinating world of Family Island. So log in, set sail, and embark on your grand adventure.


Q1: Can I buy Rubies with real money in Family Island?

Answer: Yes, Family Island offers the option to buy Rubies with real money. You can choose from various packages based on your needs. However, remember to make purchases wisely and responsibly.

Q2: How often does Family Island introduce new tasks or challenges?

Answer: Family Island regularly rolls out new tasks and challenges to keep the game exciting and engaging. The frequency varies, but players can usually expect new tasks with every update or in-game event.

Q3: What happens to my Rubies if I uninstall the game?

Answer: If you’ve connected your game to your Facebook account, your progress, including your Rubies, is saved. When you reinstall the game and reconnect to the same account, you should be able to pick up where you left off. If you played without connecting to an account, your progress might be lost upon uninstallation.

Q4: Are Rubies the only in-game currency in Family Island?

Answer: No, Rubies are the premium currency in Family Island, but there are also other resources like crops, stones, and woods, which are used for different purposes like building and cooking. However, Rubies are unique because they can help speed up tasks and buy special items.

Q5: What is the most efficient way to spend Rubies in Family Island?

Answer: The most efficient way to spend Rubies depends largely on your gameplay style. However, a good rule of thumb is to save them for tasks that take a lot of time to complete or for purchasing high-value items that significantly enhance your productivity in the game. Strategic planning and prioritizing can go a long way in making the most of your Rubies.