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Mario Kart Tour - Hack

In Mario Kart Tour, with Rubies you can get Drivers and Gilders. The problem is that they are very difficult to get! But in this guide we will explain you how to get free Rubies easily.

While the coins collected allow you to buy items in the Game Shop, with Rubies you can get the kart, driver, or glider.
As in any good free-to-play, Rubies can be bought with real money (count about 7 euros for 10 rubies) or be obtained free under certain conditions. You'll be given your first 20 rubies during the start of the game.

Finish Cups

Every 2 weeks, a new season arrives on Mario Kart Tour. You can then finish multiple cups to get rewards. By finishing a Cup for the first time, you get 20 rubies.
By finishing several cuts entirely, you can access a Seasonal Gift that is often filled with Rubies.

Play every day

Daily Rewards allow you to earn some extra Rubies. These are the only two techniques we have found so far.

But we have also our Mario Kart Tour generator. And it's free!

mario kart tour hack free rubies

What are the methods to Earn More Points in Races / Cups

While playing Mario Kart Tour, you will certainly notice that you have to gain a maximum of points to progress in the game. These points are very important and you have every interest in understanding how it works to earn maximum in the different races and cups that you unlock. How that is supposed to work, the response is by optimizing the way you play, so you can get enough points to claim the famous 5 big stars won in each race. In addition, to accumulate more points will allow you to get very nice rewards.

If you have trouble assimilating the operation of points in Mario Kart Tour, There is a process to this which we will explain how you can earn more points easily.

How to increase the number of points

Before you start a race, you have to select your driver, your kart or glider you will use. These elements are important to get a maximum of points. Then you must select the category in which you will play and the actions you will perform. All that will be decisive for your final score during a race.

We will discuss point by point to show you how to make the right selections:


It's imperative that you pay attention when choosing the driver that you will use on a circuit. Don't take what you prefer, but choose one that will allow you to get a maximum of points. Choose the driver who will be able to use the most items during the race. What driver you choose will decide what special item they can get from item boxes.


The kart is also important, it will determine what action points you will get during the race. Different karts have different skills, which give you more points for certain actions. If you are looking to win big cups, you're here to score and not admire your favorite kart. Choosing the right kart can make the difference between a 4-star and a 5-star result. Tracks that end with 'T' have a lot of jumps, so a Jump boost plus will get you more points. Tracks that end in 'R' may have a lot of glider and dash panels.

Mario Kart Tour Karts List

Normal (Silver)
  • Bull's-Eye Banzai - Rocket Start Plus
  • Mushmellow - Jump Boost Plus
  • Koopa Dasher - Rocket Start Plus
  • Pipe Frame - Slipstream Plus
  • Birthday Girl - Dash Panel Plus
  • Bullet Blaster - Rocket Start Plus
Super (Gold)
  • Flame Flyer - Rocket Start Plus
  • Soda Jet - Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Super Blooper - Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Mach 8 - Slipstream Plus
  • Daytripper - Dash Panel Plus
  • Turbo Yoshi - Jump Boost Plus
  • Gold Blooper - Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Barrel Train - Rocket Start Plus
High-End (Pink)
  • B Dasher - Dash Panel Plus
  • Yellow Taxi - Jump Boost Plus
  • Badwagon - Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Black B Dasher - Dash Panel Plus
  • Blue Badwagon - Mini-Turbo Plus


The glider allows you to fly when you get enough height. His presence is not only for the visual. This element is like for the driver and the kart determining for your final score in a race. Select the best glider to get more combo bonus and combo-time boost. The glider will improve your combo bonus and how long your combo will last before resetting. Always choose the most optimal glider according to the circuit.

Mario Kart Tour Gliders List

Normal (Silver)
  • Parachute - Blooper Plus
  • Super Glider - Mushroom Plus
  • Parafoil - Green Shell Plus
Super (Gold)
  • Flower Glider - Banana Plus
  • Peach Parasol - Red Shell Plus
  • Shell Parachute - Green Shell Plus
  • Bob-omb Parafoil - Bob-omb Plus
High-End (Pink)
  • Swooper - Bob-omb Plus
  • Gold Gilder - Coin Plus
  • Fare Flier - Super Horn Plus
  • Bullet Bill Parachute - Bullet Bill Plus
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